Perform Teeth Whitening and Peddle Dental Plans

TEETH WHITENING - an immensely painful procedure that costs a few hundred dollars, is not covered by insurance, damages your teeth and doesn't deliver permanent results - is one of the most popular elective medical procedures in USA. There were millions of tooth whitening procedures performed in America last year - I am not even sure, all of us have that many teeth. We want our smile to be as white as the photoshopped teeth on our favorite star on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Yeah, we are that stupid.

So, if you feel that medical school is too complicated, head straight for dental school, graduate and open up a little dental practice, peddling teeth whitening and bleaching services. And, once your clients' teeth are damaged, sell them a dental plan (because most employers don't cover dental) and start working on cavities, root canals and crowns.

In effect, you will be charging your patients twice - first to destroy their teeth and then, to fix them. The beautiful part is that you can do it all over again with the same patient, until he either gets artificial dentures or runs out of money.