Sell Pharmaceuticals

IN CASE YOUR MEDICAL CAREER doesn't work out, you could put the remnants of your medical school expertise to good use - sell drugs online! Legal drugs, that is. Obviously, you won't do it yourself - just refer people to "reputable" online pharmacies that sell Provigil, Lipitor, Risperdal, Meridia, Zoloft or scores of other cool-sounding remedies to eager consumers - and collect your referral fee.

By the way, that might not be a bad way to make money offline as well. Become a pharmaceutical representative - a legalized drug dealer! You will get to ride around, convincing doctors to prescribe your employer's latest and greatest drug and receive a portion of the sales.

By the way, you wanna know how pharma reps get promoted? They get assigned to "sell" something that's already hugely popular - something like Viagra, for example - so, they can just sit back, watch the drug sell itself, and get a nice round bonus. Think about it - after a few years of corporate ass licking, you can become that lazy legal drug dealer.

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