Become a Personal Injury Lawyer

A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER is someone who used to be known as an ambulance chaser back in the old not-so-politically-correct days. Now, personal injury attorneys have even more incentive to go after victims of car accidents, work-place mishaps and "trips, slips and falls" - everybody and their mother has accident protection insurance. The insurance money is what you will be trying to collect for your clients as a personal injury lawyer - and pocket one-third of their compensation.

This is not exactly a very quick way of getting rich - some of these cases last for years, but the payoff is well worth it. Ever seen those ads for the personal injury law firms of Dewey Screwem and How, PLLC? "To date, we recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients!" They can't help, but brag - remember one-third of those hundreds of millions ended up pumped into the esteemed personal injury attorneys' houses, garages and wives.

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