Medical Malpractice Lawyer - Medical Mistakes

TAKE A GUESS: what is the third leading cause of death in the United States, after cancer and heart disease? No, it's not the Republican Party. It's actually properly prescribed pharmaceuticals and medical mistakes. A recent study showed that thousands of hospital patients die every year simply because doctors and hospital staff don't wash their hands! Hospitals are very well insured, by the way, hint-hint, nudge-nudge.

Being a medical malpractice attorney is not that easy. Anybody with a medical condition (and where have you last seen somebody without one?) who is not cured by his doctor (and where have you last seen somebody actually cured of a chronic disease?) thinks it's the doctor's fault. So, as a malpractice lawyer, you will have to screen a lot of bozos, thinking they are entitled to millions. But, sometimes, among those bozos, there will be one, whose leg was amputated instead of his tonsils, and that one will make you a millionaire. In search of those few, you will make an army of medical experts very rich - every potential lead will need to be evaluated by a medical professional, after all - but, remember: there are millions of people in America whose treatment was actually botched - you just need to find them and then, sue the ass off their doctors.

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