They don't call it a health care industry for nothing

ANOTHER WAY TO GET RICH QUICK is to become a doctor. Why do you think so many doctors get sued by so many lawyers? That's because they got money, baby, money that lawyers can steal (for more on that, read the section on Lawyers). Nobody goes to medical school anymore to cure the sick - it's all about the dollar $igns. Even if you (the doctor) wanted to spend enough time with your patients, you couldn't - the weight of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you took out in student loans to pay for medical school would pressure you to spin the patient wheel as fast as you humanly can. The average time that a physician spends with a patient is about 15 minutes - which is great for a race car driver, but not that good for a doctor trying to find out what's wrong with a guy sitting in front of him.

Well, anyway - the goal here is not to cure the sick, but to treat the sick - to keep them healthy enough to make money to pay you - and sick enough to keep coming back for more. In fact, with two-thirds of the population overweight, rates of diabetes doubling every few years and various cancers mushrooming, you are practically guaranteed to pay back your loans and to get really rich really quick. Read on for a brief overview of careers in the health care industry that can get you richer quicker.

Become a plastic surgeon