No, really.

MAKING SOME MONEY online is actually not as hard as it looks, although it is harder than spam emails make it out to be. Regardless of the online scam... er, a legitimate business idea that you'd want to pull, you'll need web presence or in layman's terms, a website.

Here are the steps you'll need to take in order to make that happen (not necessarily in the this order):

  • Number one: register a domain name. or might be already taken, but I am sure you can come up with something.
  • Number two: get some webhosting - that's where your website will be located. If you are serious about a web business, get yourself a dedicated server - a dedicated server is a whole computer, connected to the Internet, which you rent on a monthly basis. The advantage of that is that you can put as many websites on that computer as you want - but you will pay the same dedicated server monthly fee.
  • Number three: Build your website. You don't actually have to do any building yourself. You can utilize the awesome power of the Internet to hire freelancers from India or Romania to do the job for you for cheap. They will design your website, code it and even maintain it for a fraction of what you would pay here.
  • Number four: Get a credit card merchant account or enable your Paypal account to accept credit cards - that is, if you business involves selling something.
  • ...and Number five: Actually it should be number one - a good money-making idea. Don't try to come up with anything original - follow the tired-and-true make-money-online methods and you shall succeed.
I will talk about some of those tired-and-true money-making ideas below:

Scare people into downloading spyware from your site