Buy a House, Get a Mortgage

SO WHAT IF you don't need a house? If you buy a house, you might be able to get a mortgage. A mortgage is just like a regular loan, but, when you get a mortgage, the banks hold your house hostage and will take it away from you in case of non-payment. Due to the fact that the banks feel a lot more secure loaning you money when they hold your property as a collateral, a mortgage is a lot easier to get than a regular loan and there are more things you could do with it.

You can try and refinance your mortgage to get better mortgage rates. You can try and get an equity line of credit (also known as a home equity loan), which is basically an additional loan that the bank will give to you, if your house grows in value. And, then you can spend that line of credit on whatever brilliant idea you happen to have right now - and, if things don't go as well as planned - just allow the bank to take the house back in a foreclosure.

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