Become a DWI / DUI Attorney

IF YOU HAD TO name two things that we, Americans, love, those would have to be cars and booze. Incidentally, those often get mixed together. And, when we get caught drunk-driving, we do our third very favorite thing - we call our lawyers. A DWI / DUI attorney will always have work - that is, as long as there are laws against drunk driving, cars, roads and drunk Americans driving those cars on them roads (By the way, DWI stands for "Driving While Intoxicated" and DUI means "Driving Under Influence").

As way too many of us know first-hand, getting caught driving after having "just a couple of beers, officer" can result in multi-thousand-dollar fines, criminal record and, sometimes, even jail time. That's exactly what you would need to tell your clients, when they come to you the morning after being issued a summons for drunk-driving. After reminding them of consequences, you can feel good taking their money in exchange for whatever the prosecutor offers you in terms of a plea-bargain. Everybody wins - your client walks off with a reduced fine and a valuable lesson, the system punishes another drunk driver and you - the drunk-driving lawyer - perform a valuable service to society, while getting rich in the process.

By the way, if you do decide to become a DUI lawyer, head to Texas. For some reason, Houston DWI lawyers or DUI lawyers in Austin are especially in demand. Hundreds of miles of good prairie roads and hundreds of gallons of beer consumed in Texas per capita would have that effect, I suppose.

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