It's easier than earning it, right?

UP UNTIL OUR ECONOMY STARTED CHOKING on "toxic" mortgages, bad loans and risky bets with what was supposed to be your retirement money, selling loans was one of the greatest, most lucrative jobs in the world. It doesn't take much skill to convince someone to take large sums of money that don't belong to him, especially if that someone isn't really willing or able to pay it back. As long as banks were okay with that set-up, everything was great. Then, surprisingly, the well of free money dried up and mortgage brokers and loan officers went practically extinct.

So, what's the lesson you will learn from this sad story of dismal failure? Do the opposite! Instead of giving away loans, start borrowing.

It might sound a bit counter-intuitive. "How am I going to pay it back?" you might ask. Actually, I have no idea. But - let me give you a little something to think about - debtor's prisons have been abolished in this country for almost 200 years. If you don't have any money to pay back your loan - tough luck (for your creditors).

Student loan consolidation